Out of Office Diaries


The business world is changing — from the adoption of digital to the way we dress and travel. And in this new business world, we’ve found that everyone’s story is different.

Here, you’ll discover what it’s like to progress through today’s new business world from the perspective of those who are living it — we’ve partnered with a collection of bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs and storytellers, and each will shed a little light on what it’s like when the world is your office.

Jenny Tsang

Fashion Blogger, Art Director

Founder of Tsangtastic [sang-tas-tic]; a fashion blog that’s a window into the fascinating world of style and travel. With every post Jenny aims to create a visual journey that inspires, and ultimately strikes a mark in in the minds of the “fashion forward.” Blog: Tsangtastic.com.

Justin Livingston

Freelance Writer, Creative Consultant

Justin Livingston is a lifestyle blogger living and working in New York City. He is an avid traveler and self-proclaimed culture hound. There’s only one thing Justin loves more than traveling… french bulldogs. Blog: ScoutSixteen.com

Jason Zook

Fearless Entrepreneur

Jason is the fearless entrepreneur who made over $1M wearing t-shirts for a living on IWearYourShirt. He sold his last name twice and wrote a not-best-selling book that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs. Jason helps people take action in their businesses and lives at JasonDoesStuff.com.

Danielle Cuccio

Yoga Instructor, Health Blogger

An LA based, Celebrity Private Yoga Instructor, Health Blogger for www.TheBeautyBlender.com and CEO/Founder of CuccioSomatology.  Visit Danielle's site, www.CuccioSomatology.com to find out when she might bringing her inspiring classes and workshops to a city near you.

Irvin Lin

Photographer, Writer, Recipe Developer

The man behind EatTheLove.com, Irvin Lin is a graphic designer and art director turned IACP award-winning photographer, acclaimed food writer, experienced recipe developer, blue-ribbon baker and occasional social media consultant who is currently writing and photographing his first cookbook “Marbled, Swirled and Layered.”

Caroline Winegeart

Designer, Happiness Hunter

Caroline is a designer, hand-letterer, and happiness hunter with a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs become their best, most vibrant selves. She creates relatable learning resources and shares insights about designing a life that is deeply aligned with who you are on MadeVibrant.com.

Brian Hertzog

Blogger, Marketer, Entrepreneur

A San Francisco based Professional Blogger, Marketer, and Entrepreneur. Brian’s goal is to publish thoughtful stories that inspire action. He’s always game for a cup of tea, traveling and making new friends wherever he goes. Blog: brianhertzog.com.

Casey Keasler

Interior Designer

Portland based interior designer, Casey Keasler, recognizes the importance of environments and how they are experienced. She works from the notion that space is more than aesthetic, it should capture all senses. See more of her work at Casework.It

Adam Braun

Founder of Pencils of Promise

Adam is a *New York Times* Bestselling author and Founder of Pencils of Promise, the organization that has since built more than 300 schools around the world. He's been a featured speaker at The White House and United Nations and the only things he loves more than travel are his beautiful wife and adorable french bulldog. His blog, "Lessons on Life and Leadership" is at adambraun.com.