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Hello, and welcome to Part 2 of my journey on Out Of Office Diaries. This time, I’m writing to you from Seattle, Washington. As the rain drizzles outside the window behind me, I’m sipping a warm, bitter cup of coffee, a combo that perfectly captures the essence of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

It’s been a while since my post in August. A lot has changed in my life. I went to Denmark. I moved to a new neighborhood in San Francisco. I started helping an early-stage venture firm. And I’m still trying to get my own fledgling company off the ground. All that in two months! But, that’s my life, and I love it.

Samsonite | Business Blog | Brian Hertzog


I want to start this post with a few highlights from Denmark. This was my first visit to Scandinavia, so any previously held expectations were minimal. I was super excited to explore. It’s a lifetime dream of mine to visit every country in the world. Largely because, no matter how much I learn about the places I visit, I find I always end up learning even more about myself. Any excuse to break your daily routine, can be a goldmine for learning and self-discovery.

I started my trip in Copenhagen. One of my absolute favorite things about this city is that everywhere you look, someone’s on a bicycle. Coincidently, that’s the name of my company, so I found the setting very motivating. Friendly smiles, tempting bakeries, and historic landmarks greeted me around every corner. I probably could’ve spent the entire trip just walking the streets without getting bored. I even made a special stop to the Samsonite store located in the central shopping district. Note the bicycles.

Samsonite | Business Blog | Brian Hertzog

The culmination of my time in Denmark ended in one of the best meals of my life. Copenhagen is notorious for housing some of the best restaurants in the world. I was lucky to grab a seat for dinner at Geranium. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a memorable eating experience, it’s worth every penny.

I’m no food critic, so I’ll spare you the details and gushing about the dishes, other than saying they were all superb. Surprisingly, my favorite thing was that the meal reminded me of a valuable business lesson. A business is really only as good as the value it creates. Just because something costs three times as much at the place next door, doesn’t immediately make it better.

From the moment I walked in Geranium, to the time I walked out, every detail, down to the tiniest, seemingly insignificant thing, had been carefully thought about and optimized for enjoyment. That’s what makes the world’s best restaurants so successful. That’s why people are willing to pay what they do to eat there. And, that was a big wake up call for me.

On Traveling And Life

Nothing evokes the zest for life quite like the feeling of traveling to a new city. I believe that inspiration and innovation originate from the collision of different people, ideas, and beliefs. So, when you find yourself in a foreign place with new tastes, smells, sights, all bombarding your brain, you almost can’t help but change the way you look at and experience the world.

When I travel, I try to be as minimalistic as possible. Everything I pack has to have its appropriate place and function. In my backpack, you can find my camera, at least two notebooks, plenty of pens, and my laptop. Yes, I also still enjoy the archaic practice of packing physical books, even though it adds more weight. There’s just something about turning paper pages, drinking coffee, and soaking in the ambience of a café that clicking a button on a Kindle just ruins.

Final Thoughts

As I wrap up this second post, I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts. One of my favorite things about earning a living from writing, especially in today’s working environment, is that you can do it from practically anywhere (assuming it’s quiet enough to think). For me, and my life, it’s all about freedom. Wherever I go, or where my work takes me, I try to preserve that feeling. Sometimes we need to leave our chairs, and go out, into the world. And so, I’m incredibly grateful that Samsonite has provided me this opportunity to share this tiny window of my life with you, and for helping all travelers in general, to get a taste for the freedom that I’ve come to love.

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